drone building inspections

Aerial Inspections – Specialised drones offer the very best in UAV equipment when it comes to aerial inspections. Some applications where a drone, such as our Matrice 210 can be an effective solution are:High Rise Building InspectionsBridge InspectionsCell Tower InspectionsDam Wall InspectionsChimney Stack InspectionsWith a 30 x Optical Zoom and 6 X Digital Zoom, we are able to inspect

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Civil Aviation Safety Authority – Crackdown on Drone Users

The Ciivil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is now cracking down on the anonymous use of drones and the irresponsible and unsafe practices of some of those people. The drone services of unlicensed operators who are also providing commercial services to businesses such as real estates and other businesses will be in the crosshairs of CASA

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aerial media services

Couran Cove Island Resort Video

We had the pleasure of visiting Couran Cove Island Resort on South Stradbroke Island off the Gold Coast and captured some drone footage of the island and its beauty. There are 4WD drive tours, a beach bar, great accomodation and food to be had along with some fun activities. We hope you enjoy or footage.

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drone asset cell tower inspection

Case: Drone Cell Tower Inspection

This is a sample drone inspection of a cell tower using our Matrice 210 with Z30 zoom camera. We are able to collect extremely close up detail of all components of any infrastructure, removing the risk for manual inspections and provide a faster, more efficient inspection service.

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drone bridge inspections

Case: Drone Bridge Inspection

We use specialised drones with long range zoom cameras with the ability to inspect directly above the UAV. The upward facing gimbal allows for a vertical inspection of the underside of the bridge.

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Case: Drone Power Line Inspection

POWER-LINE INSPECTION – We use drone equipment specifically designed for inspection all types of infrastructure. Our pilots were able to detect rust on the insulators that require replacing. Our aerial inspections save downtime and cost to the client and removes risks involved with manual inspectors. Call us to see how we can help. Phone: 1300

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Want to find out how we can help your business? Call us today.

Want to find out how we can help your business? Call us today.


D2Drones is a company with years of experience at the helm. The Co-Founders of the business have over 10 years operating both a high level building company and an investigation company specialising in surveillance techniques from the ground and air.



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