Drone Real Estate Photography and videography

If you haven’t realised the benefits to selling real estate using drone technology then you are likely reducing your chance of selling compared to those who are using these services.

4k Video

We use drones and head-held cameras to create amazing 4K quality videos and photos of real estate properties for agents and homeowners. Statistics show it helps.

We have invested money in UAV and camera equipment so we can provide the most amazing real estate videos. 

If you are looking for a drone real estate photographer near you, then look no further. Our services extend to areas on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney.



Statistics for Agents

Increased sales 68%

Statistics say that using drone videos to advertise real estate increases the chance of sales by 68%

73% Homeowners Prefer

Statistics say that 73% of homeowners prefer to use an agent that incorporates drone footage into their marketing videos.



We have an in house editor, skilled in Adobe Premiere Pro. For those who know about this software, it is the leading package for video production. 

Even if your video captures are terrific, without the addition of creative video editing, the final product will just not make the cut!

Before we attend the site and capture video, we will listen to what the client wants and plan out shoot before-hand. Some clients will know exactly what they want and we listen.

Aerial Real Estate Videos

D2Drones aerial photography services extend to individuals and businesses throughout Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane and can extend our reach nationwide if required. If you are looking for an aerial photography company that use the best in UAV equipment then contact us for a consultation.

Using specialised drones to capture aerial photos and videos can produce some of the most amazing images. 

We don’t Just Fly Drones!

We can create both ground and aerial videos to showcase your property. Whether you are a homeowner or a real estate agent, let us help you gain an edge and increase sales potential.

We're about Customer Satisfaction

  • Quality
  • Professional
  • Trusted

Our goal when creating drone videos for our clients is to create something special that amazes them, because if they are amazed then we know everyone that they advertise to will also be amazed.

We listen to what our clients need, as it is not about what we want to shoot, it is about what they want to see! Quite often our clients will not have the expertise and will ask us to create what we think is best, but they are always involved in the process and have control over what the video will show. 

Capturing aerial photos and videos is really somethings special and when it comes to marketing yourself, the visual experience of the viewer is indeed critical, as their visual experience will determine what they do next.

We have undergone all the necessary training and certifications with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to ensure we operate at the best level and legally.

Our Work

Luxury Real Estate Videos

  • Marketing video for luxurious home on the Gold Coast

Real Estate - Boundary Markings

  • We can add boundary markings for your real estate images

Development Marketing Videos

  • Marketing video for a residential development on the Gold Coast

Commercial Real Estate - Aerial Photos

  • We can delivery stunning aerial photos of commercial buildings just like this one of the Jewel Residences on the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Residential High Rise Photo

  • Aerial view of Marriner Views on the Gold Coast

Luxury Real Estate Aerial Photography

  • We can capture amazing aerial views of high end homes, just like these ones on the Gold Coast

Commercial Real Estate Photos

  • Commercial Real Estate Photography - We can include points of interest

our team

D2Drones team

D2Drones has a head office on the Gold Coast, along with locations in Brisbane and Sydney. The C-Founders have backgrounds in the building industry and in surveillance, which we believe has been beneficial for some of our RPA applications

We are passionate about what RPAS can do for many businesses. The applications are becoming limitless and we are excited to be in an industry as exciting as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. 

We love our clients, and they love us!

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