Aerial Media Services

Our aerial media service is about capturing imagery and producing marketing content for our clients to showcase their products and services. Aerial marketing videos create excitement and intrigue for the viewer.


A New Perspective

Marketing photos and videos showing different perspective are what captivates an audience. Using an aerial media company to capture a view unachievable from other traditional methods can give you an edge on your competition. 


4k Video

Our UAV equipment can record in full 4K at 60fps, allowing us to capture and produce stunning photos and videos for all types of events. Whether it be of sporting activities, landscapes and city skylines, or even weddings. 



A lot of aerial media service providers may have some skill flying but not all have the skill to post produce the RAW footage into something special. Our post production technician is highly skilled in Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects. Let us help.

Drone Marketing Videos

D2Drones aerial media services are based on the Gold Coast and also service Brisbane and Sydney. We are certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and are fully insured with public liability up to $20 million. 

We are passionate about what aerial videos and photos can create when it comes to digital media and marketing. Our pilots have undergone the necessary training to fly at night and beyond the standard operating conditions that restrict unlicensed operators. 

We don’t just fly drones!

We not only fly drones but can also provide on the ground videography using 4K hand-held cameras to cover all aspects. Creating too much aerial video can ruin the effect. We use a variety of Sony and Panasonic full frame and micro four thirds cameras with varying lenses to give the right perspective. 

If you are a media company or a marketing department and are interested in seeing what we can create for you, then please get in touch with us to discuss what we can do for you. We also have a professional editor that is trained in using Adobe Premiere Pro so we can provide you with the complete package.

We're about Customer Satisfaction

  • Quality
  • Professional
  • Trusted

Our goal is to provide clients with a quality service. We thrive on happy customers and are proud of our team when the feedback we receive is of high satisfaction. 

Providing a quality aerial media service is about investing time and money into your craft and employing good staff who are experienced and dedicated. 

We have undergone all the necessary training and certifications with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to ensure we operate at the best level and legally.

Our Work

Luxury Real Estate Videos

  • Marketing video for luxurious home on the Gold Coast

Real Estate - Boundary Markings

  • We can add boundary markings for your real estate images

Commercial Real Estate Photos

  • Commercial Real Estate Photography - We can include points of interest

Commercial Real Estate - Aerial Photos

  • We can delivery stunning aerial photos of commercial buildings just like this one of the Jewel Residences on the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Residential High Rise Photo

  • Aerial view of Marriner Views on the Gold Coast

Luxury Real Estate Aerial Photography

  • We can capture amazing aerial views of high end homes, just like these ones on the Gold Coast

our team

D2Drones team

D2Drones has a head office on the Gold Coast, along with locations in Brisbane and Sydney. The C-Founders have backgrounds in the building industry and in surveillance, which we believe has been beneficial for some of our RPA applications

We are passionate about what RPAS can do for many businesses. The applications are becoming limitless and we are excited to be in an industry as exciting as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. 

We love our clients, and they love us!

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