Drone Videography Services

The best part about using drones for photography and videography is the amazing perspective! It’s not until you’re in the air that you realise how special the view can really be!

Drone Photography
& Videography services

If you have an idea for a project, whether it be a video or still photos, we can help. Using a qualified drone pilot that knows how to fly can make a huge difference to the final product.

D2Drones provide aerial photography and videography services in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney. We are also available to travel interstate with our equipment should this be a requirement.

If you are looking for an aerial video company that uses the best in UAV equipment then contact us for a consultation.

Using specialised drones to capture aerial photos and videos can produce some of the most amazing images.

Aerial Videography


Our Drone Pilots

D2Drones have invested time and money into becoming a certified operator, registered with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Each pilot has gained their Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) also registered with CASA. Because of these certifications, we are covered by public liability insurance up to $20 million. 

Our clients can feel comfortable that their property and themselves are covered in the case of any incidents. 


Our Equipment

We have invested in quality equipment to conduct aerial photography and videography. We use drones that are equipped with 4K cameras that can produce high quality images and videos. 

We use the latest in UAV equipment so we can deliver the very best aerial video service to our clients. 

Using an aerial video company that is professional and certified can make all the difference with your end result.

Using aerial video services to create marketing videos for real estate agents has shown to increase sales by over 60%. If you’re looking for an edge on your competition speak to us about creating a video to help you showcase your next property. We provide both residential and commercial style videos.

Drone technology has allowed us to capture and create video and photographic content that was not previously possible. Our drone videography service allows our clients to market themselves and their businesses in a way that captures the attention of viewers and can increase the potential of sales significantly. 

Aerial Surveillance Services

D2Drones are aligned with investigation services and can provide high level surveillance services to capture intelligence from the air. Our UAV equipment has payloads with long range zoom capabilities, not possible by most drones on the market. Our equipment has been put to use in many investigations to capture evidence not possible from the ground.


Why use a drone for aerial photography services?

  • Time efficient compared to a physical inspection
  • Removes the risk of human injury
  • Reduced downtime for the site
  • Access to difficult areas
  • 7km range
  • IP43 weatherproof

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We use DJI Drones

We use the very best in UAV equipment manufactured by DJI. Watch the DJI video to see what D2Drones conduct their aerial services with.