Drone Roof Inspections

Drone roof inspections increase efficiency, remove risk of injury and damage to the existing roof. New technology in UAV and software allow us to acquire data to produce analytical reports including full roof maps and digital 3D models for our clients.


Remove Risk of Injury

Using specialised drone equipment to conduct roof inspections eliminates risk to the manual inspections.

Quite often an inspection of a large commercial building or at heights, the inspection requires significant planning and safety measures to access these areas.

This can be costly and time consuming to the customer. Using drones to inspect residential or commercial roofs is a very effective way to asses and keep up with your maintenance schedule.



no roof damage

Quite often, if you are going to inspect a roof,  it has either been damaged by storm or is old and fragile.

The physical inspection of someone walking on the roof, is not only risky but also causes more damage and is then often argued between the owner and inspector as to whether the damage was already there or created during the inspection. 

Utilising drone roof inspectors allows us to capture the current state of the roof and also inspect without the risk of further damage. 



Licensed pilots

Our roof inspections are conducted by licensed pilots who have undergone the necessary training to operate safely and skilfully.

UAV operators that aren’t licensed are not insured. That means you are not covered for any damage to your property. Only used licensed operators.We can obtain access to fly in restricted airspace if required.

We are also affiliated with licensed building inspectors if your inspection requires a qualified determination. 

roof inspection reports

We can provide informative and detailed drone roof inspection reports for insurance claims or general maintenance schedule requirements. Our roof reports will provide you with an overview of the inspection, roof plans with accurate measurements and detailed images of any issues identified.

Using unmanned aerial vehicles to assess roofing is a fast and effective way to identify damage and degradation issues.

Drone roof inspections allow for creating digitised asset management solutions so you can monitor infrastructure over time and be prepared for upcoming repairs.

drone roof inspections

We're about Quality and Trust

Our goal is to provide clients with a quality service. We thrive on happy customers and are proud of our team when the feedback we receive is of high satisfaction. 

Providing a quality aerial media service is about investing time and money into your craft and employing good staff who are experienced and dedicated. 

We have undergone all the necessary training and certifications with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to ensure we operate at the best level and legally.

Drone Roof PLANS

With specialised software and UAV equipment, we are capable of planning a flight mission of your roof structure to capture and create a 3D model if required and generate accurate roof plans. This service is beneficial to roof repairers and solar installers. 

We have different options available depending on your needs. We have the capability to provide access to our specialised 3D model platform allowing you to store digitised versions of your assets that allow you to monitor degradation over time. Speak with us about how we can help with your next drone roof inspection. 

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D2Drones has a head office on the Gold Coast, along with locations in Brisbane and Sydney. The Co-Founders have backgrounds in the building industry and in surveillance, which we believe has been beneficial for some of our RPA applications

We are passionate about what RPAS can do for many businesses. The applications are becoming limitless and we are excited to be in an industry as exciting as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. 

We love our clients, and they love us!

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D2Drones is a company with years of experience at the helm. The Co-Founders of the business have over 10 years operating both a high level building company and an investigation company specialising in surveillance techniques from the ground and air.



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