Drone Building Inspections

Conducting aerial building inspections of roofs and surfaces using high end commercial drone equipment reduces risk and disruption. Digitising your building inspections with high quality images and videos enhances asset management.


Remove Risk

Conducting manual building inspections take time and present risk to the inspector and those around them. 

Drone building inspections have fast become an efficient way of visually inspecting and recording all surfaces for integrity and degradation. 

Use an operator that is equipped with commercial UAV equipment that has been designed for inspection work.


Digitise Assets

Digitising your assets and using asset management software allows you to keep track of structural integrity and degradation.

Having a photo and video content of your inspection enables you to see over time the wear and tear of the building and gives you the ability to prepare ahead of time what is required for future maintenance repairs. 

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Better Management

Efficient management of building assets improves ROI for stakeholders.

The data captured by commercial drones can be uploaded to specialised cloud based systems that allow you, the client, to visual analyse images of assets, make notes on specific areas within those images for comparisons at a later date. 

Using these methods to manage your assets is a much more effective way going forward.

Drone Building Inspections

Our drone building inspection service extends to clients in Brisbane, Sydney and the Gold Coast. We are also available to travel with our equipment to clients outside of those areas if required. 

Our clients are typically commercial developers and building inspectors that can benefit from drone technology and what it can achieve. It is easier for these types of businesses to engage the services of a certified drone operator who is licensed and insured rather than attempting to perform the work themselves. 


We are continually looking into new technology and software that adds value to the data that is captured from UAV technology. Its not about just taking pictures from the air, it’s about importing that information into systems that can help analyse, annotate and store for reporting and improve the maintenance of these assets.

We're about Quality and Trust

Our goal is to provide clients with a quality service. We thrive on happy customers and are proud of our team when the feedback we receive is of high satisfaction. 

Providing a quality aerial media service is about investing time and money into your craft and employing good staff who are experienced and dedicated. 

We have undergone all the necessary training and certifications with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to ensure we operate at the best level and legally.

Drone Roof Inspections

Using unmanned aerial vehicles to assess roofing is a fast and effective way to identify damage and degradation issues.

Drone roof inspections allow for creating digitised asset management solutions so you can monitor infrastructure over time and be prepared for upcoming repairs.

Obtaining aerial geo referenced images also allows for 3D and 2D models to be created so quick measurements and pitch angles can be calculated with ease. This can make quoting for roof repairs or replacement extremely easy and effective.

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our team

D2Drones team

D2Drones has a head office on the Gold Coast, along with locations in Brisbane and Sydney. The Co-Founders have backgrounds in the building industry and in surveillance, which we believe has been beneficial for some of our RPA applications

We are passionate about what RPAS can do for many businesses. The applications are becoming limitless and we are excited to be in an industry as exciting as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. 

We love our clients, and they love us!

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D2Drones is a company with years of experience at the helm. The Co-Founders of the business have over 10 years operating both a high level building company and an investigation company specialising in surveillance techniques from the ground and air.



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