Drone Asset Inspections

Using drone technology to capture data and implement into digital asset management applications is the new way of maintaining your assets and analysing them to predictive future maintenance requirements

Conducting aerial asset inspections using drones

D2Drones have invested in enterprise level drone equipment that has been specifically designed to assist with aerial asset inspection work. 

On board we have long range zoom capabilities to identify close up detail of any area, whether in front, below or above the drone. 

Our UAV equipment has the ability to position a camera on top of the drone allowing for a vertical inspection, which is useful when inspecting underneath bridges, balconies, wind turbines and more. 

Drone asset inspections are becoming the new method of digitising your assets for effective management workflows.

drone asset inspections


Safer Inspections

Manual inspections of assets generally present a certain level of risk to staff, resulting in OHS issues and insurance premium increases when claims are made. 

Drones allow for a detailed  assessment without the need for scaffolding, abseilers and scissor lifts.

If our drone inspection detects an issue, a manual inspection can then be targeted and efficient repairs can be addressed quickly.


digitising assets

The real value in using drone technology for aerial asset inspections is what is done with the data after it has been captured.

Cloud based solutions now allow for data to be stored, analysed and kept for tracking asset integrity over time, thus allowing for a much more efficient workflow.

Data can be shared within the business to stakeholders and repairers so you can best plan ahead.


Return on Investment

Assets and infrastructure are expensive items and maintaining them is crucial to getting the best return on investment.

The data captured through drone asset inspections can be used in asset management software and can  help you provide the most cost effective way of maintaining those assets.

There is no faster way to assess your assets and keep track.

Drone Building Inspections

Drone technology has allowed us to conduct inspections of infrastructure more efficiently than manual methods. When used in conjunction within online cloud storage of images and videos, digitised asset management systems allow for a much more effective method of maintaining those assets.

Drone Wind Turbine Inspections

To be able to conduct accurate wind turbine inspections, UAV equipment must meet certain criteria to ensure a comprehensive check can be conducted. D2Drones have acquired the appropriate equipment to conduct such inspections. Please click through to read more about how our service can help your inspection.

Drone Solar Panel Inspections

Solar panels require constant inspection and cleaning to uphold their efficiencies with absorbing the suns energy. Using drone technology to inspect panels allows for a fast and effective method of identifying those panels that need attention first. This is especially important in solar farms as they have numerous panels to inspect and an aerial inspection can observe more panels in a shorter amount of time.

Drone Chimney and Smokestack Inspection

Conducting an aerial drone inspection of industrial chimney and smokestacks can be difficult when done manually. It requires scaffolding or cranes to lift inspectors to the top so they can inspect integrity and baffles. Using drones to do conduct visual inspections reduces downtime and reduces risk. Click through to read more.


Why use a drone for aerial photography services?

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We use DJI Drones

We use the very best in UAV equipment manufactured by DJI. Watch the DJI video to see what D2Drones conduct their aerial services with.

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D2Drones is a company with years of experience at the helm. The Co-Founders of the business have over 10 years operating both a high level building company and an investigation company specialising in surveillance techniques from the ground and air.



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