Aerial Insurance Assessments

Using drones to conduct aerial assessments of buildings, infrastructure and land for insurance claim management is an effective and accurate method benefiting both insured and insurer. We can assess areas not possible by manual methods on the ground.


Remove Risk

Areas affected by natural disasters and incidents are difficult to access and assess the damage from the ground.

With the use of drone technology, assessing these areas is becoming an effective solution for insurers.

Conducting aerial assessments removes any risk to manual inspectors, which are often delayed from inspecting areas due to access restrictions.

Our commercial drone pilots can assist assessors from a safe place and capture more data than previously possible from the ground.


Accurate Assessments

Quite often there are different opinions by both the insurer and the insured when it comes to an insurance claim assessment.

This can be true when assessing large areas of land from devastation that is not accessible for an assessor.

This has now changed with the introduction of aerial insurance assessment services such as the one offered by D2Drones

We can provide accurate measurements with aerial mapping methods to allow insurers to better calculate the damage. 


Better Management

Aerial insurance assessments using UAV technology is the most effective way of capturing important data and calculating what a claim is valued at.

Capturing data from the perspective of a drone has not been possible before and has left claims open to mismanagement. 

We can now work with insurers and assessors to provide effective solutions to identifying, capturing and verifying the alleged damage.

This method protects both the insurer and insured from miscalculating and fraud.

Aerial Insurance ASSESSMENTS

Not only are drones becoming an effective and fast way of having a birdseye view from the sky, but the applications that are being developed, including artificial intelligence platforms can now begin to analyse the data captured and provide an insight into the project without the need of manual intervention and calculations.

Aerial surveying and mapping is becoming a very effective method that allows for accurate measurements of land, buildings, stockpiles etc. This same method can be applied to insurance assessments to quickly identify and quantify the claim. 

For example, imagine a natural disaster in the form of flooding that has damaged farming crops. How could an insurance assessor calculate how many crops were affected? What size of an area has been flooded? 

The answer would be to conduct an aerial map of the area and create a model either 2D or 3D that can then be measured using photogrammetry and surveying tools. We can then quantify the damage and the insurer can have an accurate idea of what the claim is worth, keeping both the insurer and insured happy. 

We're about Quality and Trust

Our goal is to provide clients with a quality service. We thrive on happy customers and are proud of our team when the feedback we receive is of high satisfaction. 

We are looking to build great business relationships with insurers as they now begin to recognise the potential of using drones to conduct aerial insurance assessments.

We have undergone all the necessary training and certifications with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to ensure we operate at the best level and legally.

Drone assessments of buildings

The picture shown here is an aerial view of a home that has been affected by storm damage. It is unsafe to examine areas such as the one shown here, therefore delaying the insurance assessment. 

A fast assessment conducted by a certified drone operator like ourselves can benefit all parties and eliminate risk. We can also create a map of the building that will allow for measurement of areas and a digitised record of the damage for access at a later date.

  • Remove risk of manual assessments by human
  • Generated models and maps for accurate measurements
  • Accurate assessment now possible by insurer
  • Speed up claims process 

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D2Drones has a head office on the Gold Coast, along with locations in Brisbane and Sydney. The Co-Founders have backgrounds in the building industry and in surveillance, which we believe has been beneficial for some of our RPA applications

We are passionate about what RPAS can do for many businesses. The applications are becoming limitless and we are excited to be in an industry as exciting as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. 

We love our clients, and they love us!

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