Civil Aviation Safety Authority – Crackdown on Drone Users

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The Ciivil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is now cracking down on the anonymous use of drones and the irresponsible and unsafe practices of some of those people. The drone services of unlicensed operators who are also providing commercial services to businesses such as real estates and other businesses will be in the crosshairs of CASA as they introduce new regulations and technology to identify UAV’s operating in the sky in realtime, identifying their location, UAV details and the operators GPS coordinates. For those RPAS companies who have spent the time and money becoming trained and certified by CASA feel this is good news for the industry. Channel 9 News Brisbane aired this story on Monday 13th of May 2019. Feel free to watch the segment and provide any feedback. If you are looking to engage the services of a drone company, be sure they use certified remote pilots and are insured. You may pay a little more but you will be covered by insurance and be confident the operator knows what they are doing.